Use During Pregnancy


Reflexology Use during Pregnancy


Reflexology helps with symptoms of pregnancy such as:

  • musculoskeletal discomfort
  • heartburn
  • edema
  • pregnancy induced hypertension
  • social stress
  • immunological stress
  • insomnia, cystitis, irritable uterus, migraine, nose bleeds


Reflexology use during pregnancy contributes to better labor times

Reflexology use during pregnancy contributes to better labor times later. Pregnant women given 10 foot reflexology sessions from 20 weeks to term in their pregnancies experienced a better labor time and normal deliveries.

Receiving 10 reflexology sessions during pregnancy resulted in shorter labor duration.

For 20-25 year old and first time mothers the average first stage labour was 5 or 6 hours. Text book average is 16-24 hours). For 26 – 30 year old mothers, the average first stage was 5 hours, second stage 16 minutes, and third stage 7 minutes. The textbook average is 16 to 24 hours for the first stage and 1 to 2 hours the second stage.

The average for those receiving reflexology work was: first stage, 5 hours; second stage, 16 minutes; and third stage, 7 minutes. This compared to textbook figures of 16 to 24 hours’ first stage, and, 1 to 2 hour’s second stage. In addition, 89.0% of the women experienced a normal delivery.