During Labor


Reflexology use during labor


Reflexology use during labor helps with an easier and more natural child birth:

    • less pain during labor and less use of an analgesia
    • less pain creates an easier choice of a vaginal birth rather than a Cesarean section
    • helps intensify contractions and create shorter labor duration


Intensity of pain during labor lessened with an hour reflexology session during the active phase of labor and then a short 6 minute session during dilatation 0-10 cm.

Also impacted significantly for those who receive reflexology work during labor:

    • type of delivery (vaginal instead of Cesarean)
    • anxiety during labor
    • primary inertia
    • Apgar score (general physical condition of the newborn infant: heart rate, respiration, muscle tone, skin color, response to stimuli)
    • hemorrhage rate
    • avoiding surgery for retention of placenta